Mill Creek Marsh: A Beautiful Future

Sept 27_Mill Creek MarshSM_RTGeoghan_9399 Sept 30_SnowyEgrets-Mill Creek MarshAM_RTGeoghan_9502I’ve been hearing some fears expressed about this project, so let me try to allay them.

This restoration project will repair damage to the trail surface and side slopes of select areas where erosion is most severe, primarily around the south impoundment. The work includes two different edge treatments to maximize long-term stability. The total disturbance from the project will be just under1200 linear feet, or about 15% of the total length of the trail.

Because of limited site access, work will be undertaken in sequence in seven separate areas: disruption will be confined to a few hundred linear feet at a time. Any wildlife displaced by the activity should be able to relocate close by.

The trail is closed because of the risk to people, which is much greater than the risk to wildlife. And while we cannot see the unforeseen, we are confident that the trail will reopen before Labor Day.

The NJMC built this trail some fifteen years ago for the purpose of enhancing habitat for wildlife of all kinds and providing safe public access to this very special place. We have worked, as always, to minimize negative impacts by carefully controlling the scope of work, techniques used and timing of our projects. Our experience is that disturbed areas roar back once our enhancements are complete.

Thank you for your patience. And thanks to Regina Geoghan for the beautiful photos.

2 thoughts on “Mill Creek Marsh: A Beautiful Future

  1. Laura

    Thank you so much for the update and outlining what will take place for the next few months. People like myself really love and respect the Marsh so we are very protective over the trails and wildlife that inhabit the area. I know that everyone involved in this project will be very careful and understanding of the surrounding area. Please keep us posted on the project and we look forward to returning to our beautiful Marsh again as soon as possible.

  2. Viktoria

    My soon four years old and I are all addicted to the Mill Creek Marsh! When last time we visited, almost got a heart attack seeing it closed.
    Can’t wait to enjoy it again!
    I have an IG account with the majority of the pictures dedicated to the Mill Creek Marsh, and as an artist, I’m working on projects related to endangered NJ birds.
    I really appreciate this little green area in the middle of our cities!


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