Volunteers Compete for Best Bird House

Bird House Contest-001One of the volunteer groups making the swallow boxes installed this year is Spectrum for Living, a New Jersey not-for-profit organization that helps adults with developmental disabilities get housing and clinical services. Residents from six group homes constructed nest boxes to be used in the field. But they also gave themselves an extra challenge with a bird house competition. Each group contributed one competitor. They were all fun, creative, and well-constructed. The winner was the group from Haledon, whose box, covered in natural bark and including a side porch, made great use of natural materials. Sadly, a late entry (below) from Edison did not arrive in time for the judging.
IMG_0614 (2)Spectrum residents and staff came to DeKorte Park on Tuesday for the competition, as well as to cheer on NJMC’s Gaby Bennett-Meany as she staked their (plain) boxes in the mudflats west of Lyndhurst Nature Reserve. Spectrum for Living has partnered with the Meadowlands Commission for close to ten years. That’s a lot of bird houses!

2 thoughts on “Volunteers Compete for Best Bird House

  1. Chris Takacs

    Hopefully the black roofed one didn’t go out. That roof may lead to the little ones cooking in the heat!

  2. Lisa Cameron Post author

    The ‘fancy’ ones don’t go outside …they decorate our offices. The group makes plain boxes for the swallows.


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