Daily Archives: November 16, 2015

Scott Weidensaul Talk A Huge Success

Some 100 birding enthusiasts came to the Meadowlands Environment Center this past Friday evening for an excellent, engaging talk by renowned birding expert and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Scott Weidensaul. His talk focused on the the plight of migratory birds and how our everyday choices, from what we plant in our gardens to the kind of coffee we buy, can help reverse their decline.

“Scott’s insight on bird migration is incredible,” said Don Torino, President of the Bergen County Audubon Society, which hosted the talk. “He gave us ways we could all help migratory birds in terms that everyone could understand for such a complex problem. His teaching along with his kindness and patience with everyone that was lucky enough to attend will not be forgotten.”

Scott even enthralled non-birders. A comment posted to the blog soon after the talk read:

“Just attended talk by Scott Weidensaul, and it was great! I am not a birder, but my husband is, so I went to keep him company. I was so impressed with Scott’s breadth of knowledge and how fascinating he made the miracles of what these migratory birds do come alive! Also fascinating is how integral our landscapes are to these birds–including our own backyard wild flowers and support of bird-friendly coffee! And the value of the forests in Canada and the Amazon! Awesome! Thanks!”

Thanks to all who came out, and to Scott, who made the nearly 3-hour treck from his home in Pennsylvania for the event, which was sponsored by Birds & Beans: The Good Coffee.