BCAS Certified Wildlife Garden Program Recap


Thanks to all who joined Bergen County Audubon Society President Don Torino this afternoon in the Meadowlands Environment Center for his presentation on “Creating a BCAS Certified Wildlife Garden.” “We had a bunch of great people who want to help wildlife and get involved with the program,” Don said.

Those who attended said they were inspired to get to work on creating backyard gardens that provide beneficial habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Don explained aspects of shaping a wildlife-friendly backyard, including the use of native plants, providing food and water sources, cover, and places to raise young.

“I have every kind of bird you can imagine in my backyard and the program gives me an idea of how to get started” on creating a BCAS Certified Wildlife Garden, Kathy Johnson said. “Don is a great speaker, he makes things fun,” Johnson added.

Kathy Hetherington said the talk was very informative. “I learned that I have to cut down on the invasive plants in my yard and cut back on my lawn,” she said.

If you missed the talk, don’t fear. You can read about the BCAS Certified Wildlife Garden program here or contact Don at greatauk4@gmail.com or 201-230-4983.

The BCAS will also lead a nature walk of DeKorte Park on Sunday, March 6, from 10 am to noon. The walk meets in the Meadowlands Environment Center parking lot and they’ll be looking for raptors, waterfowl and other birds of interest. For more information, contact the BCAS using the same email and phone number above.






2 thoughts on “BCAS Certified Wildlife Garden Program Recap

  1. Regina T Coyle

    What a great, informative discussion!!!
    Don is inspiring!
    It stands to reason- if we all just did a little bit to help Mother Nature what a change we could accomplish!
    Thanks for a great program

    Regina T Coyle


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