Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

Great Day With NYC Audubon!

The Bergen County Audubon Society and the NJSEA today welcomed members of the New York City Audubon Society to DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow. BCAS President Don Torino and NJSEA staffers Gaby Bennett-Meany and Drew McQuade led the group on a three-hour tour during which the group took in Killdeer, Green-winged teal, Black Duck, Gadwalls, a Red-tailed Hawk and more.

“It’s just beautiful here,” said Gabriel Willow of NYC Audubon. “All the waterfowl and wetlands are pretty spectacular. It was really nice to have all these folks from Bergen Audobon and here at the park that know the area really well to guide us.”

“Our Meadowlands were more beautiful than ever this morning in the newly fallen snow,” Don said. “We had the privilege of guiding a great group of folks from New York City Audubon on a field trip to DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow. There is nothing better than seeing the faces of people that visit the Meadowlands for the very first time. It makes me remember how lucky we are to have this gem in our own backyard.”

DeKorte On A Snowy Friday Morning


DeKorte Park conveys a special beauty and sense of tranquility after a snowfall. I took a walk down the Marsh Discovery Trail in the park this morning along with a group from the New York City Audubon Society who are visiting today. Thanks to Bergen County Audubon for leading the walk! We’ll have updates on what we see throughout the day. For now, enjoy these photos, including an untouched portion of the trail and a “Great Blue Heron Was Here” shot.