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Event Recap: Don Smith Talk On The Natural History of the Meadowlands


don smith

Thanks to all who attended Don Smith’s talk today on the natural history of the Meadowlands at the Meadowalnds Environment Center. Don covered the history of the region, from its formation as part of a glacier to its European settlement and despoiling by decades of pollution to its remarkable environmental recovery and home for wildlife.

Don is a dynamic speaker and Meadowlands native who grew up exploring the region in the 1950s and 1960s. Those in attendance were impressed with his knowledge and the Meadowlands’ fascinating history.

“This was fantastic,” said Rutherford resident Jay Delgado. “There are so many topics and subtopics about Meadowlands history that can be discussed.” Jay, who is a Troop Leader for Boy Scout Troop 166 in Rutherford, said he wants to bring his scouts to the next talk.

Don’t miss our upcoming programs at the Environment Center. We’ll be hosting our first “Evening Yoga” program on Monday, Feb. 22, and the Bergen County Audubon Society will give a presentation on “Creating a Certified Wildlife Garden on Thursday, Feb. 25. For more information on these programs, click here.

Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: The American Tree Sparrow –Winter Visitor to the Meadowlands

As I wandered a sunny, wintery open field through the Meadowlands many years ago I was startled by a tiny little bird that was barley clinging to the tip of a windswept phragmite.

I was immediately captivated by this diminutive but very energetic little bird with a rusty colored cap, gray face and very small and dark but very noticeable splotch on its breast . After realizing my presence it very quickly raised the rufous hackles on its head and was off like a flash into the russet grasses of the field.

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