World Series of Birding May 14 – Help the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks!

WSB 2015

For the fifth year in a row, a team representing the Meadowlands will take part in the national World Series of Birding.

The World Series is the country’s largest and most prestigious birding competition and provides participants and sponsors with a fun and interactive way to raise money for critically needed conservation priorities.

Over the past 30, this event has brought birding to the attention of the media, and has raised close to $9 million for bird conservation.

Thanks to your support over the past four years we’ve been able to help complete some great projects in and around DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst. These have included establishing a new butterfly garden along Disposal Road and enhancing native plantings at the Kingsland Overlook and Harrier Meadow. (These projects also received funding from the Bergen County Audubon Society).

Our local team, known as the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks, consists of Mike Newhouse, Chris Takacs, and Mike Wolfe, three top-notch birders.

There’s still time to support our local team!

For more information go to the Meadowlands Marsh Hawks Page

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  1. Mark Whitman

    Please leave instructions for what to do if you wish to donate or pledge but would prefer to pay by check instead of credit card.


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