Yellow Crowns in Kearny Marsh

Yellow Crowned Night Heron4  Kearny Marsh Shields 7.29.16

Stunning. That’s what I thought when I first saw these photos of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons in the Kearny Marsh that Ron Shields sent earlier today. Ron writes: Yellow-crowned night herons are common in the Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area and along the river where I have photographed them on numerous occasions.

However, finding them in the Kearny Marsh is unusual at best.  I was lucky to come across this trio of juveniles recently and they proved to be most cooperative.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Kearny Marsh Shields 7.29.16Yellow Crowned Night Heron2 Kearny Marsh Shields 7.29.16Yellow Crowned Night Heron3 Kearny Marsh Shields 7.29.16


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