Helping the Monarchs


We need to take time to recognize the fantastic efforts of husband and wife team Mickey and Elaine Raine in helping to increase the Monarch Butterfly population at DeKorte Park. Mickey and Elaine have been nurturing dozens of caterpillars in their home garden that they were asked to care for by several organizations.

It seems these soon-to-be butterflies were exposed and vulnerable to predatory birds and wasps. Mickey and Elaine set up enclosures in their own garden to ensure the caterpillars matured into beautiful butterflies and have since introduced them to their new Meadowlands homes, namely Jill’s Garden in DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow in North Arlington. We’ve included a few photos of butterflies released at DeKorte.

Thank you Mickey and Elaine for your enthusiasm, passion and love of butterflies and all Meadowlands wildlife!!!


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