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Helping the Monarchs


We need to take time to recognize the fantastic efforts of husband and wife team Mickey and Elaine Raine in helping to increase the Monarch Butterfly population at DeKorte Park. Mickey and Elaine have been nurturing dozens of caterpillars in their home garden that they were asked to care for by several organizations.

It seems these soon-to-be butterflies were exposed and vulnerable to predatory birds and wasps. Mickey and Elaine set up enclosures in their own garden to ensure the caterpillars matured into beautiful butterflies and have since introduced them to their new Meadowlands homes, namely Jill’s Garden in DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow in North Arlington. We’ve included a few photos of butterflies released at DeKorte.

Thank you Mickey and Elaine for your enthusiasm, passion and love of butterflies and all Meadowlands wildlife!!!


Kaleidoscope of Hope Walk a Great Success!


A sincere thank you to the more than 250 people who participated in yesterday’s Kaleidoscope of Hope Walk at DeKorte in memory of Lyndhurst resident Diane Castle. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the charity walk raises money for the Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation. The organization raises funds for ovarian cancer research and increases awareness of the symptoms of the disease. For more information on the foundation click here




Starting the Week With a Butterfly Release


This morning we released a pair of Monarch butterflies into Jill’s Garden at DeKorte after nursing them as caterpillars. The NJSEA planted more milkweed plants this year thanks to a grant from our friends at the Bergen County Audubon Society. Some of the caterpillars were in danger from predators, prompting our Natural Resources Department to take them in. More butterflies will be released later today.



Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Watch for Tagged Monarchs


Photos are by and of BCAS Education Director Marie Longo tagging Monarchs last week

September is a wonderful month as migrating raptors, songbirds and the brilliant fall colors bring nature lovers of all ages out to places like the Meadowlands to relish all the marvels of our environment. Along with all the other natural wonders of September, there is one of the most incredible and dramatic events of the season: the migration of the Monarch butterfly.

Like many of our migrating birds, the Regal Monarch is heading south also, to Mexico to be precise. And to help track that difficult and arduous journey, Monarchs are being tagged in order to help scientists gain information to aid this fast disappearing species.

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Butterflies at DeKorte Park

A selection of butterflies photographed in late afternoon during a Sept visit to Richard W. DeKorte Park in the N.J. Meadowlands.

A selection of butterflies photographed in late afternoon during a Sept visit to Richard W. DeKorte Park in the N.J. Meadowlands.

Butterflies continue to abound at DeKorte Park. Thanks to Regina Geoghan for sending these beautiful shots she took yesterday!

Row 1: Monarch and Eastern Tailed-Blue

Row 2:  Monarch and Peck’s Skipper

Row 3:  Eastern Tailed-Blue and Common Buckeye

The total seen while there in late afternoon was: 4 monarchs, 1 Eastern Tailed-Blue, 1 Common Buckeye, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Black Swallowtail, several types of skippers.