Daily Archives: November 9, 2016

Great Eagle and Butterfly Photos!


Our newest contributor, Steve Ceragno, continues to send in some great shots! Steve reports on these photos taken Sunday:

Eagle flyover at DeKorte. Circling over the observatory building about 3 times before heading North West over Disposal Road.

Buckeye Butterfly – Literally had to be careful where I was walking with the amount of Buckeyes on Saturday afternoon.


Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Red-Tails of the Meadowlands


Peregrine falcons, Ospreys and Northern Harriers are the raptors that bring out the birders to the New Jersey Meadowlands, magnificent marauders of the skies that are the signature symbols of a restored and healthy habitat. Raptors back from the brink of extinction renew the soul and strengthen our spirit. But sometimes overlooked or put aside without a second look is another raptor, common yes, but no less Majestic or divine: the Red-Tailed Hawk.

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