Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Rain, Sleet or Snow, It’s Good to Be in the Meadowlands

winter watchers

It was difficult looking through raindrops on my binoculars. My spotting scope was no better. As fast as I tried to wipe them clean the rain did its best to hinder any hopes I had of watching birds this cold wet morning.  My toes were beginning to chill and my fingertips fared no better.  My knees began to stiffen up and my old back very much the same. The winter winds bit my face and brought some tears to my cheeks. It was a glorious day to be outside and in the Meadowlands!

winter watchers2

From my childhood days to adulthood, despite the weather I have always found it difficult to stay indoors for any length of time. My wife Pat finds it humorous as I begin to pace the floor at home looking for any excuse to get outside and be part of nature.

I just know that somewhere in the Meadowlands there is a bird just waiting for me to see, maybe it’s a rare life bird or maybe one I have seen a thousand times before , it really does not matter. Every day in nature is new; there are no two days the same, no experience like the other, constantly something new to learn and take in. The only sure thing is that you can’t experience it sitting on your couch or in front of your computer.

There are those life changing moments in the outdoors, the days  of wonder and amazement, the more than occasional epiphany that only nature can provide. It might be on the day that everyone else decides to stay inside, the snowy day or the damp morning. Maybe it’s the hot day or the day you think you are just too busy.

That special day it might be the Red-tail in the tree or the sparrow in the grasses, the butterfly  n the meadow or the wildflower on the hill that is waiting to enrich your life, renew your soul and change your life forever.

As I get older I realize there is no way to make up for time lost. I have many old friends, now unable to walk the trails of the Meadowlands who would love nothing more than to feel the cold wind in their face and the mud under their shoes. But those days for them are now past. There are some that are no longer with us. It is those that I take with me on every walk in nature I am fortunate to have.

Make the time to get outside. Nature is there waiting for us, to nurture us and help bring out the best in us and make us who we truly are. See you outside.

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