Great Story On Al and Alice!

Photo by Chris Pedota/

Photo by Chris Pedota/

Northjersey.comĀ  has a great story by Scott Fallon today on our favorite pair of Bald Eagles, Al and Alice, who make their nest in a tree in Ridgefield Park overlooking the Overpeck Creek. The story details efforts to ensure that their home is suffiiciently buffered from a neighboring development under construction. A fantastic video accompanies the story.

The Bergen County Audubon Society will hold a rally this Sunday, Jan. 8, from 1 to 3 p.m. to watch Alice and Al and help protect their nest. The rally is part of the Save the Eagles Day and meets on Bell Drive in Ridgefield (not Ridgefield Park).

In addition, you can download or read a free Bald Eagle e-book, “Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands & Beyond.” Al and Alice are featured on pages 29-31. Check it out here



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