When to Go to Mill Creek Marsh

Great Blue Heron MCM Mickey 1.15.17

This morning we posted a series of great photos that Mickey Raine took this past Saturday at DeKorte. We will continue with shots from his trip to Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus in a bit.

But first, Mickey also provided this tip about the best time to take photos at the marsh:

If anyone here is not that familiar with Mill Creek Marsh, but resides within a reasonable distance, it is truly worth the visit if you want to see some of the most fascinating landscape.  But best to follow the tidal chart and plan the trip toward the middle three to four hours between low and hide tide, for the chances of seeing greater numbers of birds, plus seeing the hauntingly beautiful collection of hundreds upon hundreds–maybe thousands, actually–of ancient cedar stumps is far better.

There’s a great website, www.saltwatertides.com that provides predictions at more than 2,500 locations throughout the country.  To find the tide charts for Mill Creek Marsh, click here and search for Amtrack. You’ll find the Amtrack RR swing bridge report under Hackensack River.

You can also find tide charts for Secaucus here

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