Daily Archives: February 3, 2017

Come On Out for Super Bird Sunday!

Get some fresh air and enjoy nature this coming Sunday before settling in to watch the big game. The BCAS/NJSEA Annual Super Bird Sunday walk takes place on Feb. 5 at DeKorte Park from 10 a.m. to noon. We’ll be looking for falcons, of course, as well as other birds that are also an NFL team name: Cardinal, Raven, Eagle, Seahawk (osprey), Giant (great) egret  and Giant (great) blue heron. For more information: 201-230-4983 or greatauk4@gmail.com.

We’ve got great prizes for the first people to spot birds with NFL team names, including the new hawk book from the Raptor Trust and the Trust’s owl book.

The Super Bowl pits the Atlanta Falcons against the New England Patriots. No question who the guy pictured above wants to win! Thanks to Steve Ceragno for the photo.

Return of the Osprey

Cool story on NJSpotlight today about Ospreys’ return to New Jersey. According to the story, “Down to only 50 nests in 1974, the state’s ospreys have recovered so much that a new report shows a total of 515 active nests in New Jersey — about equal to the historic population of the birds.” Check it out here

Meadowlands in the Ice Age

What did the Meadowlands look like during the Ice Age and how did its early formation as Glacial Lake Hackensack come about? You can find out at a talk next Tuesday, Feb. 7, at the Montclair Public Library. The presentation by Montclair State University geology professor Greg Pope will explore the prehistoric Montclair landscape and that of surrounding areas, including the Meadowlands. For more info click here