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Thank You BCAS for Birdseed!

Many thanks to the Bergen County Audubon Society for their generous donation today of three, 40-pound bags of birdseed to the NJSEA! BCAS President Don Torino presented the Authority’s Gaby Bennett-Meany, decked out in the holiday spirit, with the seeds.

Thanks in advance also from the Chickadees, Titmice, Cardinals, Sparrows, Nuthatches, Finches, Grosbeaks and Blackbirds, among others, who will soon be feasting on the seeds. Winter is often a difficult time for birds and finding food can be challenging, so this is an especially appreciated donation.The seeds will be placed in bird feeders set up around DeKorte Park.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Be Sure to Get Outside This Holiday Season

Thanks to Chris Takacs for this wonderful photo of DeKorte Park!

My job as President of Bergen County Audubon Society keeps me behind the desk much more than I would like,to say the least. Fighting and standing up for our wildlife and environment seems to be neverending. We just seem to go from one endless battle to the next.

As soon as I think we will have a few minutes of peace there is some entity that wants to destroy habitat, threaten endangered species or undo some long-standing protections we believed would exist forever. But as anyone knows that speaks up for what is right there will never be an end as long as greed, indifference and injustice exist in the human condition.

But we as nature lovers can find our strength and endurance in the very thing we love and fight for, nature. Speaking for myself, I need and search for it even more during the holiday season.

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