Birding in the Meadowlands This Week: Spring Arrivals

Peregrine Falcon

Chris Takacs reports on what many have been long been waiting for: the arrival of Spring migrants in the Meadowlands!!! Read on:

Spring arrives in the Meadowlands – Here’s what’s new and the birds expected to arrive this week.

Great Egret

Two Great Egrets were spotted over the weekend and more will arrive in the coming weeks, stopping here to feed on the way to their breeding colonies. Ospreys have been seen in Bergen County over the last few days as well.


Look for our breeding birds to arrive this week or next. Tree Swallows should arrive as well,  looking to put the many swallows nesting boxes to use. Eastern Phoebe will be arriving this week. Check out Disposal Road, DeKorte Park, Mill Creek Marsh and Laurel Hill to find these migrants. Greater Yellowlegs should be arriving to join Killdeer as the shorebirds begin moving north.


The Meadowlands is one of the best places in NJ to see large numbers of Yellowlegs. Peregrine Falcons have been seen hunting the impoundments. Look for our local pairs to be mating and getting ready to nest. Hawks have also been on the move north with local hawk watches opening last week. Look for Merlin, Kestrel, Red-shouldered Hawk as well as vultures migrating through the area. It’s a great time to get out to The Meadowlands and see all the new birds migrating here.

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