Daily Archives: October 9, 2018

Yummy Berries and More

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Here’s a couple Yellow-rumped Warlbers enjoying some berries photographed by Alice Leurck during Sunday’s BCAS Harrier Meadow walk. More from Alice below!

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Monarch on Asters

Monarch on Goldenrod

Yellow Sulphur and Broad-winged Skipper

Spectacular Sunday Walk

Great Egret and American Kestrel

There’s no shortage of great photos from Sunday’s Harrier Meadow walk. The walk by all accounts was tremendous, with sitings of Kestrels, Northern Harriers, Shorebirds and much more. We’ll start with some neat pairing shots and more by Alice Leurck. We’ll have plenty more throughout the day!

Snowy Egret and Yellowlegs

Pied-billed Grebe and Double-crested Cormorant


Spotted Sandpiper