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More Photos from Mehrhof

Black-capped Chickadee

As promised, here are some more great photos taken by Joe Koscielny at the Bergen County Audubon Society’s Mehrhof Pond Wildlife Observation Area/BCUA Walk in Little Ferry led by David Hall on Dec. 1. Thanks again Joe!

Orange-crowned Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler

Ring-necked Duck

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

White-throated Sparrow

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Eagle Watching Time Is Now!

Courtesy Dee De Santis

It’s cold outside for sure. The Winter winds are already blowing and it is a time when many folks tend to huddle inside and wait for the warmer days ahead to venture outdoors. But if you choose keeping your toes warm over having a real adventure then you will be missing one of the most spectacular winter shows nature has to offer: the arrival of the Bald Eagles.

As we speak Bald Eagles are gathering in places from the Meadowlands to the Highlands, from the Hackensack to the Hudson rivers. From our reservoirs to our lakes Bald Eagles are assembling to spend the winter. And if that is not enough to stir your ancient primeval spirits our resident Eagles are now working on their nests. They’re gathering sticks and grasses in their never ending  quest to bring forth our next generation of the symbol of our nation.

Of course this was not always the case. In fact there are more Eagles in our area now than in more than 100 years. But their comeback  was no accident.

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