Has George the American White Pelican Returned?

Could George the American White Pelican be back in the Meadowlands? The rare visitor for these parts has been seen as recently as this morning in the area.

Chris Takacs sent the following update:

Return of George?

December 7 an American White Pelican was being chased by a Bald Eagle at Mill Creek Marsh and photographed by Sandy Sorkin. The bird could not be refound. On December 10 a White Pelican was spotted in southern Maine in Wells, for a day. December 11 a White Pelican was spotted in Rye, NH. By December 14 the pelican was in Little Harbor, NH east of Portsmouth for about 2 weeks. It made a Christmas Eve appearance in Falmouth, ME, but returned to the Little Harbor area (Odiorne Point SP) and last spotted New Year’s Eve.

January 3, Ed Borowik reports American White Pelican at Kearny Marsh East from radio station driveway Rt. 7. I made a trip this morning and spotted the Pelican far out in the impoundment, but still here in our Meadowlands. This is the only American White Pelican being seen in northeast United States currently. Is it George and did he take a trip to NH/ME? I’d like to believe in George.

Photo was from the morning and map shows his spot

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