If the Disregard of DeKorte Park Rules and Disrespect of Wildlife Due to Littering, Prohibited Fishing and Unleashed Dogs Continues, the Park Will Be Closed To the Public.

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  1. David S

    There needs to be more visibility of security and a gate check as people come in to ensure dogs are not coming along. Without proper management and security, there will be abuse and breaking of rules. Closing the park due to poor management is the wrong answer for the hundreds of visitors who respect the rules and enjoy this publicly provided venue for what it is.

    I have only seen security when it’s time to usher people out to lock the gates at the end of the day.

  2. Sangeetha S

    I have been visiting the park for many years. Most people are respectful to the wildlife and follow rules.
    There has been a recent increase (post covid) in the no. of unleashed dog walkers and other practices that are not good for wildlife. Can this not be controlled with better signage near the entrance?
    Can we not post ‘No dogs allowed’/No picnics/No littering for the entire park? (Near the entrance)
    It would be a shame to close this park as many birders go here for bird watching.

  3. Steve

    Perhaps a better use of this threat, would be to enable your security guards to do more than sit in the SUV and perhaps walk around to enforce this. Either one never gets out, even if it’s to greet visitors to get a lay of whether it’s to check if a dog is on a trail it shouldn’t be, or to watch if someone is out there to smoke pot or litter.

    It’s absolutely ludicrous to threaten your readers with closing the park especially when it’s not the readers of this page engaging in this behavior. If anything, we’re the ones who overlook and call the cops or security when we see something happening .

    I’m at DeKorte at least 2 times a week, and I’ve had to tell people to pick stuff up, or tell them to put there dog on a leash, or even once risked a fistfight when I told a group of punks to go smoke their weed somewhere else, while your guard was in the SUV.

    I’m not trying to spotlight him, he’s a nice guy, but a bit more enforcement and a little less Passive Aggressive threats with your core park attendees who protect it.

    And yes, I’m pissed off about this.


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