Daily Archives: May 18, 2022

Eaglet Banding in the Meadowlands

BCAS President DonTorino

MRRI staff assisted NJ Fish and Wildlife, PSEG and Bergen County Audubon Society with the banding of two eaglets yesterday in the Meadowlands. Banded eaglets receive a federally regulated metal band with a unique 9 digit number to identify individuals, which can only be read with the bird in hand. The birds also get a color band with a 2-digit number which we can easily see from afar with binoculars. The work is all performed by specially trained biologists, with help from PSEG’s equipment so they can easily reach the nests.

It was especially gratifying watching as BCAS President Don Torino met the two eaglets. Don has been monitoring the nest since January, in all kinds of weather. Thanks to Don and all the volunteers from BCAS for all the hours they put in to monitor and protect the birds of the Meadowlands!