MRRI and NJIT to Fight Harmful Algae Blooms This Summer

The Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) recently took their new HABs (harmful algae blooms ) Harvest Boat for a test run in the Meadowlands portion of the Hackensack River. Working as partners, NJIT and MRRI obtained the vessel through an NJDEP grant. It will be used this summer at several New Jersey lakes to remove toxic algae blooms.

The boat uses in-situ flotation technology to deploy microbubbles/nanobubbles, which lifts algae cells to the water surface. The floated algae can then be harvested and dewatered on the boat. This approach selectively targets the small, harmful algae and will not affect other living creatures. Harmful algae blooms threaten the public  health and could harm pets, fish, seabirds and marine mammals.

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