Blue Crab Mural at River Barge Park: Thank you Cheryl Hochberg!

Credit Emilia Lorenz @emilialorenzphoto

Visitors to River Barge Park are marveling at the wonderful mural looking out over the Hackensack River. The painting, “The Crab Reveals/The Crab Portends,” displays the Blue Crabs that inhabit the River. It features four of the species spread out over 24, 4-by-4-foot, carved plywood panels set against a teal backdrop.

Local New Jersey artist Cheryl A. Hochberg created this admirable work of art. She chose the crab as the subject matter because of the central role that they have played – and continue to play – in the changing ecology of the Hackensack River.

The NJSEA collaborated with Hochberg to find the perfect location for her special piece. Hochberg said staffers Terry Doss and Brett Bragin played an invaluable part in informing her about the Meadowlands’ unique eco-system. River Barge Park is a beautiful spot with the River in the foreground. We appreciate and commend Hochberg’s great work!

To learn more about Hochberg’s artwork, please visit her Instagram account, cherylhochberg and sdher website,,

Credit: Emilia Lorenz @emilialorenzphoto
Credit: Cheryl Hochberg @cherylhochberg

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