A Cheerful Spring at DeKorte Park

Spring is in full force at DeKorte Park! The natural area’s impressive, gorgeous array of native plants and flowers are a great treat for visitors and a reminder that those occasional, winter-like temperatures will soon be well behind us.

DeKorte Park is truly natural in that pre-emergent herbicides often used for lawn care are not deployed here. This enables the blooming of a beautiful number of species of lawn weeds. The blue flowers in the photo above are Veronica chamaedrys, commonly known as Speedwell. The purple flowers are Lamium purpureum, referred to as Purple Dead Nettle, also a lawn weed. These attractive weeds are very useful. They provide food for pollinators and can serve as a useful groundcover.

Be sure to keep an eye out for such lovely flora and more at DeKorte Park. See you there!

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