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2 Bald Eagles at DeKorte


   We took a late lunch today, and so did these two adult Bald Eagles. They opted for fish, and chose to dine in the Saw Mill Creek Tidal Impoundment, along the Transco Trail not far from the (currently closed) entrance to the Marsh Discovery Trail.
   The eagles were seen around 1 p.m., and again at 1:15 in the same area. The gulls on the left were not happy and harassed one of the eagles, below.
   We'll try to post another pic of two later.IMG_2139-1

DeKorte Finery — with labels

Bleeding hearts
   This spring, when you visit DeKorte Park, you can enjoy the plantings even more.
   If you'Bleeding hearts signre not a flora fanatic, you may often see a plant or bud that you have trouble identifying. No more.
    The Meadowlands Commission has been busy creating signs to go with the plants, so in most cases you'll be able to stop guessing. Those beautiful flowers above, are Bleeding Hearts, as the nearby sign explains.
  The idea is to make the park as enjoyable — and educational — as we can.
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    Update: Heron was still here toward the beginning of the Marsh Discovery Trail as of 4 p.m. Friday. He was near the second structure on the right as you walk in. Fabulous looks at the bird.

   The tide gate is opening at the impoundment soon, and the water level will drop — no guarantee the tricolored will stay much longer.

   We are told the bird was first seen at DeKorte on Tuesday.  If you have a significant sighting in the Meadowlands, please e-mail Jim Wright.

   I hope to post a video on Monday.

   We were walking along the Marsh Discovery Trail around 3:30 p.m. Thursday when we saw this amazing (and very small)  heron walking in front of us.
   The juvenile tricolored was not skittish at all, and as a family neared him as they walked along the boardwalk, he hoped in the water by the boardwalk, then perched on a handrail (above), then flew.
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