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The Wheatear Continues at DeKorte

     Wheatear2.njmc   The Wheatear was seen again Wednesday  from 6:55 a.m. through 8:45 a.m. along the Transco Trail. Several good looks  Wheatear njmc at this immature bird — and nice views of that flash of white in the trail when it flew. Very cooperative.

   We will look for it again at 8 a.m. today. If you are coming to see it, please park in the far parking lot near the administration building or observatory. There is a conference at DeKorte today and parking is limited.

 You can call Jim Wright until 11:30 a.m. today if you have questions — 201-785-6604.

  Ray Duffy will post a video later today, and we will link to that …

Northern Wheatear Confirmed!

   Acting on a heads-up from the New Jersey Audubon Society's Pete Bacinski, we went looking for a Northern Wheatear (reportedly seen on Monday in DeKorte Park) as part of an afternoon exploration.

   We took this photo, ran it past a couple of birding buddies for confirmation (thanks, guys!), and we are happy to report a Northern Wheatear sighting at DeKorte.  

   If you happen to see this early enough, we are having an impromptu walk at DeKorte Park at 8 a.m. to look for the bird (and check out the new big-league mudflats in the Shorebird Pool).  

   Park in the first parking lot and meet at the entrance to the first building on left, the Environment Center.

   More on Northern Wheatears here.

   Call Jim Wright after 7 a.m. at 201-785-6604 if you directions, etc.