BIRD ALERT: Marbled godwits and the white ibis


   Birder Mike Britt, a friend of this blog,  today reported the immature white ibis, three marbled godwits, two Caspian terns and 10 kestrels in the DeKorte Park area of Lyndhurst.

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White Ibis (Imm.)
Marbled Godwit (3)
Caspian Tern (2)
Kestrel (10)

The Godwits [I had earlier thought were Hudsonian] were backlit for the first 30 minutes of observation…

   When they finally got in good light…they turned into Marbled Godwits;)  From the "T" in the Saw Mill trail…

   Walk all the way out to the bridge where the trail dead ends at the power towers/fence…the birds were on the flats to the east…most of the time between the Empire State Bldg. and the north end of Laurel Hill (Snake Hill). 

    The Caspians were roosting on the flats in that general vicinity.  As I was walking out…the White Ibis flew from Harrier Meadow to the tidal pool to the right of the parking lot…make a right at the "T" on the Saw Mill and walk to the first set of power towers…

    The bird was on the right side.  Seven Kestrels were hunting the old baseball field, two on the Erie landfill, and one on the 1-E.

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