BIRDING: Lyndhurst plus


   A recent Jersey Birds report by birder Michael Britt reflects the avian diversity and abundance in the Meadowlands:

   My son and I birded the Hackensack Meadows Saturday evening.

    Semipalmated & Least Sandpipers (mixed flock of 5000+)
   Great Egret (30+)
   Snowy Egret (30+)
   Great Blue Heron (3)
   Black-crowned Night Heron
   Green Heron
   Northern Harrier (adult female)

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Notes: All the peeps were on the only exposed flats adjacent to Harrier Meadow.  Other misc. shorebirds around as well. 
   The Harrier was patrolling the overgrown construction site along Valley Brook. 
   One belated report…a Peregrine over the DeKorte area of the Turnpike on 7/30.

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