BIRDS, plus

     More Tuesday Sightings from DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst and the AMVETS Carillon area along Disposal Road in North Arlington:
 Don Torino had a "real nice Peregrine Falcon on the power line tower across from the veterans memorial [in North Arlington]. It kept circling and calling, pretty cool."
Ray Duffy reports: 
    "I got the 3 Marbled Godwits around 2:45pm Tuesday at DeKorte.
    "A White-rumped Sandpiper (speckled along the flanks, longer wings) along the Marsh Discovery Trail.
    "Three Western Sandpipers mixed in with the Semipalmated sandpipers around the Marsh Discovery Trail.
    "A magnolia warbler and an american redstart along the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve trail.
    "One short-billed dowitcher hanging out with a group of yellowlegs in the phragmites cluster by the nature center.
    For non-birds, I got a hummingbird moth and a likely hairstreak butterfly (<link to Ray's photo here) at the Butterfly Garden.


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