RAY DUFFY REPORTS: North Arlington

   Img_0521_2 Birder Ray Duffy of Secaucus went with NJMC Naturalist Michael Newhouse to see the white ibis yesterday afternoon to no avail, but as reported, he did see two female bobolinks (one pictured at right).
   Later, he walked around the Marsh Discovery trail and the Saw Mill Creek trail south along the powerline trail. He found a Caspian tern out of the mudflats.

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 Coming up: Report on white ibis hunt today

Harrier Meadow – 20 species
2 Mute Swans
great egrets
snowy egrets
3 Black-crowned Night herons – 1 adult 2 juvi’s
1 Red-tailed hawk
semipalmated plover
spotted sandpipers
semipamated sandpipers
1 western sandpiper
least sandpiper
laughing gulls
1 unidentified flycatcher
2 bobolinks * Bergen County lifer for me DeKorte Park – 34 species tide going out/low tide.
4 ruddy ducks, all seemed to be going out of breeding colors great blue herons great egrets snowy egrets
2 juvenile black-crowned night herons
1 red-tailed hawk
2 peregrine falcons
semipalmated plovers
spotted sandpipers
greater yellowlegs
lesser yellowlegs
semipalmated sandpipers
1 western sandpipers
least sandpipers
laughing gulls
1 caspian tern
4 forster’s terns
1 male belted kingfisher
2 yellow warblers
   As posted earlier, the Meadowlands Commission is trying to arrange availability to Harrier Meadow, if you can’t get in, you can also try to scan from Skyline Soccer Field in North Arlington on Schuyler Ave.
   Just be warned, it seems like the access to the field is limited.  I asked a soccer coach and it seems like they open the gates around 4 pm and have it open to 7 pm.  They didn’t have a problem when I stopped by, but they were going to be closing up, so I didn’t get stay long. 
    I would list it as a "don’t go out of your way to try that spot" but if you’re in the area and you want to scan, I guess it’s worth a shot.

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