BUTTERFLIES: A new one for DeKorte guide


   DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst is a great place to go butterflying — to the point where the North American Butterfly Association even has a nifty little on-line guide about it, listing what butterflies you might see and what times of years you might see them.
   You can access it here.
   The butterfly above is a Great Spangled Fritillary, recently photographed at DeKorte’s Butterfly Garden and even more recently added to the guide.

2 thoughts on “BUTTERFLIES: A new one for DeKorte guide

  1. Michael Gochfeld

    I am the record keeper for NABA North Jersey and edit the annual butterfly report called the Pearly Eye. We would be happy to send you or the butterfly garden coordinator a copy. But also it would be great to receive regular reports on the species (even the common ones) and approximate numbers seen in the garden.
    Is anyone keeping daily lists of the butterflies encountered?


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