Kearny Marsh, Kearny High School biology students  and the NJMC’s swallow nesting-box program are the focus of a segment of the New Jersey Educuation Association’s TV show tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 a.m. on NJN. NJMC naImg_7419turalist Gabrielle Bennett-Meany is featured in the segment as well.
   According to the program guide, "AP biology students from Kearny High School survey marshlands and then build and install bird houses in an effort to attract birds that combat mosquito infestations. The Meadowlands has the only fresh water in the area, creating a significant environmental impact for the residents of Kearny."
    A slideshow from the NJEA show is here. Consult your TV listings for more information.

One thought on “KEARNY MARSH: On TV

  1. Chris Gale

    Kudos to Gaby for her great work in the Kearny Marsh and the ongoing attention it receives. This is an example of how government can play a meaningful role in connecting the dots between the environmental spaces in our communities and the next generation. Plus the swallows are awesome:)


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