Through its educational arm, the Meadowlands Environment Center, the NJMC has an extensive outreach program that connects area students with the natural world.
   Last week, for example, seventh- and eighth-graders from the Belleville Middle School's Science Club learned how — and why — Meadowlands Commission naturalists are banding birds in North Arlington.



   The students, with teacher Peter Ayala, also toured Harrier Meadow in North Arlington and explored DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst — with a chance to use dip nets to collect aquatic samples at the dock by the Transco Trail (image below).

   In addition to netting killifish and grass shrimp, the students were lucky enough to catch a pipefish.

      For more information on the MEC's educational programs, click here.

   COMING WEDNESDAY: A look at what the students found swimming in a tidal impoundment at DeKorte Park.



  1. jeff

    i think that it is so cool a great that these students were able to get a hands on experience with the great out doors.
    P.S the kid in the first picture the one that is holding the bird he looks like he knows what he is doing.

  2. waseemer

    Hey jeff whats up long time no see whats cracken. quick qustion how do you know me.
    p.s Im the cool kid in the first picture

  3. Visit

    I believe that teaching children about the value of conservation begins early. It does not even begin in school. The classic mantra, “Do what you say” applies to children because they live by example.


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