HARBOR HERONS: Thanking the volunteers

IMG_0999-1    This year's Harbor Herons Project surveys in the Meadowlands are now completed, and the volunteers who kept regular tabs on all these magnificent birds can catch their breath.

  It was a real team effort. Credit goes to Nellie Tsipoura of the New Jersey Audubon Society for running the volunteer effort, Kate Ruskin of NJAS for coordinating it.

   What's more, a big thank you goes out to the following volunteers for all their dedication and hard work…

   Kingsland Impoundment- Camille Gutmore, Kim Mendillo
   Sawmill Creek- John and Sue Schmerler, Jerry Golub
   Harrier Meadows- Tom and Judy Honohan, Jay Wiggins, Heidi Cleven, Joanne Kornoelje
   Secaucus H.S./Mill Creek Marshes- Mary Jo Marino, John Jegla, Chris Takacs, John Tyler
   Richard P. Kane Natural Area- Scott McCoy
   MRI- Lorraine Novinski
   Kearny Brackish and Freshwater Marshes- John Kandybowicz
   Skeetkill Creek Marsh- Don Torino
   Overpeck Creek: Terry Milligan and Andrew Burmester

One thought on “HARBOR HERONS: Thanking the volunteers

  1. Nellie Tsipoura

    Yes! A million thanks to all for our citizen scientists for their hard work. You made the 2008 survey a success!


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