GUNNELL OVAL: Coots and more



  A great birding spot, if you hit it right, is the Gunnell Oval area of the Kearny Marsh.
    The other day the marsh was chock-a-block with American Coots (above), Canada Geese, Mallards and Northern Shovelers.
   We also caught a glimpse of the Common Moorhen and what we suspect was a Cackling Goose (below) — the smaller cousin of the Canada Goose.
   This guy was smaller, and shorter-billed than his companions, but it was a tough call.

   Any thoughts?
   More on Cackling Geese here. More on American Coots here.

3 thoughts on “GUNNELL OVAL: Coots and more

  1. Dave B

    I have no firsthand experience with cackling goose Jim, but I think you’re onto something. The stubby bill looks just like all other confirmed cacklers photos I’ve looked at.

  2. Ray Duffy

    I have limited exposure to cackling geese, but I have pic of one from Rahway. It’s kind of tough without a bird to compare it to. I’ve got a link to the Cackling I have a pic of. Looking at the picture, I’m leaning towards it probably being a canada. Cackling Geese have a more rounded forehead and a stubbier bill. Here’s a side by side to get an idea. Do you have any other shots of him maybe with other geese?


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