Last week, after we saw a Peregrine Falcon with bands on both legs, we posted an item on the blog that asked readers for help in determining what the bands meant.
   We received several helpful responses, including a couple that ran along these lines:

    The gray band is a U. S. Fish and Wildlife band. 

     If the bird was banded in New York City (by the NYCDEP), it's a female, indicated by the black over green band on its left leg (a male would be black over red).

    Click "Continue reading…" for more about bird banding.

    However, the bird may have been banded elsewhere by a bander using a different color scheme to separate males and females.

    If you can get a better photo of the bands [we couldn't, alas], you might be able to read the number.  That way you could check to see if the band number matches any of the bands that have been used for Peregrines in NYC.

    Click here for more info on banding Peregrines.

    Thanks to all who responded.

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