Forster’s Terns in love at DeKorte


    Forster's Terns have been putting on an amazing display at DeKorte Park, on the elevated boardwalk next to the Meadowlands Environment Center.
   At least 20 terns sit on the railing of the walkway, often in one long row, IMG_9788 as though it were a single's bar on a Friday night.
      The males fly off, catch a fish, then return  and give it the object of their affections. The female takes the fish, though not before much ado and squawking.

  If you are at DeKorte near the Visitor Center, you will likely hear the terns before you see them.

     What's the attraction?
     Simple. One good tern deserves another.

   Click "Continue reading …" for a gallery of courtship photos, plus a bright-blue-billed Ruddy and an Osprey with a fish — all while the terns were jabbering away.







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