Daily Archives: July 21, 2009

Wild Turkey Seen in Rutherford

   Joe Barnaskas of Rutherford called to say he saw a huge Wild Turkey hen with a baby in his backyard last week.
   "To see a Wild Turkey, especially one that size, down here is really something," said Joe.
    The first record of Wild Turkey in the Meadowlands in recent memory was during an avian study done here a few years back.
A link to a South Bergenite story on the study, mentioning the previous rarity of Wild Turkeys, is here.

Tomorrow: Tuesday’s Bird Walk

   Yes, we had a walk in the rain, and yes, we actually had two brave souls join us for the first monthly third-Tuesday bird walk with Bergen County Audubon Society and the Meadowlands Commission.

   We will post pix and a bird list tomorrow, after we have dried out.
   At upper right are Forster's Terns hanging out in the rain along the Transco Trail. (Juvenile is in the foregound.)