The Butterfly Walk Report

  Sunday's Butterfly Walk at DeKorte Park, sponsored by the Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society, was by all accounts a great DSCN5058_2 success.

   We had beautiful weather and a great turnout — roughly 75 people and 15 species of butterflies, including the Viceroy pictured at left.  (Photo courtesy of Deedee Burnside.)

   As one experienced butterfly aficionado reported:  "It was the most butterflies I've seen in one spot yet this year."

   Click "Continue reading…" for a photo of a Broadwing Skipper and a full list.

    DSCN5066 One of the many great things about the walk was the number of families who participated.

   We love to get children interested in the natural world, and butterflies are an amazing place to start. (At right, a Broadwing Skipper photographed by Deedee Burnside.)

   Here is a list of species seen yesterday (Thanks, Fred!):

Black Swallowtail                 1
Cabbage White                    5
Orange Sulfur                      1 
(Clouded/Orange Sulfur white female) 1
Red Admiral                         1
American Lady                      2
Painted Lady                        1
Question Mark                      1
Monarch                              2
Viceroy                                3
Pearl Crescent                      1
Common Sootywing                2
Wild Indigo Duskywing           10
Sachem                                1 (female)
Broadwing Skipper                 40

Also reported:

Silver-spotted skipper           3

One thought on “The Butterfly Walk Report

  1. Beth

    Thanks for letting us know about this walk, Jim. It was a fun and educational day yesterday. I hope I can make it to one of the upcoming Harrier Meadow walks.


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