Wild Budgie Chase?

  A colleague of ours –- a novice birder, at best swears she saw a yellow parakeet at DeKorte Park Wednesday evening, and that a photographer took pictures of the same.
   She says, "It is def
initely not a goldfinch, but what do I know? It did have that kind of parakeet beak, a long tail & was bright yellow. Would this be a first?"
   If you are that photographer, or know of him (in his late 30s, early 40s, mid-height and thin, and wearing a red baseball cap), we sure would like to see a photo, just to confirm that our colleague isn't (completely) crazy and that she really did see an escaped parakeet.

One thought on “Wild Budgie Chase?

  1. Sara Lane

    Today I saw a bright yellow parakeet(budgie) in my neighbors yard. I thought it was someones pet. I thought I’d see if it was tame and try to catch it, no such luck. Come to find out there are wild parakeets in NY and Long Island, I am new to the area. I know this was a budgie. I was standing about 2 feet away from it. I regret not taking a picture.


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