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Leucistic Sparrow at Mehrhof Pond


  _D301563-2 An apparent leucistic American Tree Sparrow was seen by participants on Saturday's Bergen County Audubon Society field trip to Mehrhof Pond. 

   Marco Lips photographed the bird, and BCAS is sharing the photo with readers of the Meadowlands Blog.  (Thanks, Marco and BCAS!)

More on leucistic birds here.

The Meadowlands Commission and BCAS are hosting a trip to Mehrhof Pond on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

   Click "Continue reading…" for more information on the upcoming  walk. You must rsvp by Dec. 4.

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Bird Report 112209

Neil Maruca Reports:

Safety Note:  Duck Hunters were out today on the Saw Mill WMA across from Laurel Hill Park.   The current portion of Northern NJ duck season goes  Nov. 17 to January 2.  There was also some gunfire coming from the impoundment dikes outside to the Wildlife Mgt Area near the WMCA radio towers.

Highlights Kearny East:   Clapper Rail, 3 Red Breasted Merg, Coot, Great Cormorant, Tree Sparrow, 400 Ruddy Ducks, 2 Greater Scaup in with the Rudyies and & 2 Lesser Scaup near the Hackensack River.  Also a white "bibbed" domestic duck in with some dabblers.

Had Carolina Wren and Northern Flicker off Belleville pike,  DeKorte had 9 greater yellowlegs, 200+ GW Teal, 150 Mallards and 50ish Shovelers and Gadwall.