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Bald Eagles: Bird Report 110409

  Chris Takacs reports: "Today I had to pull off Belleville Turnpike in Kearny around 10:45 for a 10 minute display by 2 adult Bald Eagles. They flew together along the NJ Turnpike, then right over my head. Then a 'chase' began as one Eagle flew after the other in the bright blue sky we had today.

    "They flew for about 10 minutes over the 1-E landfill, flapping and climbing, then diving and climbing up again. After a climb together they hooked talons and tumbled together in the sky for 2-3 seconds. They separated, regained some altitude and flew about separately for a few minutes before I returned to the car and continued my drive to Jersey City.

    "It amazed me that 100+ cars drove by on the NJ Tpk. and the Belleville Tpk., nobody saw this magnificent display. I'm sure glad I did. Right place, right time!"


North Arlington: Meadowlands Slide Show Thursday

    Jim Wright, who runs this blog for the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, will be speaking about the Meadowlands, Past, Present and Future  tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 5) at the North Arlinton Library

    The free talk will feature some nifty nature photography taken in North Arlington — like the rare Black-necked Stilt pictured here.

   The talk, which begins at 6:30 p.m., runs about 40 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to see Game Seven of the World Series, if the yankees don't win in six games. The talk is open to the public.  We hope you can attend.

    Contact Jim here if you would like more information.

Last Sunday’s Walk

    Don Torino of the Bergen County Audubon Society reports:

   "We had a good nature walk Sunday morning morning, The weather was overcast and windy but we had some good birds — including two Northern Harriers, 30+ Cedar Waxwings, and at least six duck species– plus about 20 people. A special thanks to Dave Hall and Beth Goldberg of the BCAS for helping out."

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