Bald Eagles: Bird Report 110409

  Chris Takacs reports: "Today I had to pull off Belleville Turnpike in Kearny around 10:45 for a 10 minute display by 2 adult Bald Eagles. They flew together along the NJ Turnpike, then right over my head. Then a 'chase' began as one Eagle flew after the other in the bright blue sky we had today.

    "They flew for about 10 minutes over the 1-E landfill, flapping and climbing, then diving and climbing up again. After a climb together they hooked talons and tumbled together in the sky for 2-3 seconds. They separated, regained some altitude and flew about separately for a few minutes before I returned to the car and continued my drive to Jersey City.

    "It amazed me that 100+ cars drove by on the NJ Tpk. and the Belleville Tpk., nobody saw this magnificent display. I'm sure glad I did. Right place, right time!"


One thought on “Bald Eagles: Bird Report 110409

  1. Taylor

    Commuting to NYC today 12.07.09 on the bridges over the Meadowlands near the old rockpile spotted a bald eagle sitting in the trees overlooking the marsh. Very exciting!


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