DeKorte Mud Flats, Very Low Tide

Dekote Park mudflats during Proxigean Spring Tide 013010 DP-1

   Pat O'Shea took this shot Saturday at low tide — we're wondering if a proxigean spring tide also produces an abnormally low tide…

   Who said DeKorte can look a tad bleak in the winter?

One thought on “DeKorte Mud Flats, Very Low Tide

  1. Pat

    here is an excerpt from‘ the Chesapeake’s IndependentBay Newspaper online:
    Proxigean Spring Tides — About once every year and a half, forces coincide to bring proxigean spring tides. That confluence comes when the closest perigee, called the proxigee, falls during the full or new moon. These tides cause a 25 percent change in tidal levels, sufficient to absorb some surges at low tide or cause flooding during high tide.


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