Harrier Walk Highlights

   Don Torino of Bergen County Audubon Society reports: "Some 75 people participated in our special Sunday Harrier Meadow Walk.
   "We had a wonderful time. Our youngest participant was 6 years old and she loved it, especially the nesting Tree Swallows. Among the highlights were: 20+ Greater Yellowlegs, Killdeer, Palm Warbler, Red-Tailed Hawks, nesting Tree Swallows, Snowy Egret, Gadwall, No. Shovelers,Red-Winged Blackbirds.
   We 'll post the full list this week.  (Thanks, Don and BCAS for leading the walk. Thanks to Marco Lips for taking photos, including the one above, and thanks to all who spent part of their Sunday in the Meadowlands.)


One thought on “Harrier Walk Highlights

  1. RF

    Someone posted a photo of a SOLITARY SANDPIPER seen on this walk. This is VERY early especially for Bergen. Would have loved to have been there for that one. Whoever found the bird–nice find!


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