Sunday’s Walk: the Full List


  We are posting what we think is the full list for Sunday's Walk at DeKorte Park — a total of 39 species, seen by 36 of us. The turnout was great for a holiday Sunday.
  Note: I  included the Common Raven seen by Julie McCall (thanks, Julie!) but no doubt missed one or two species.
   Above is one of the two Palm warblers seen on the walk — our first of the year at DeKorte. At the top of the post is one of the many Greater Yellowlegs seen in Teal Pool.

Location:     Richard W. DeKorte Park
Observation date:     4/4/10
Number of species:     40

Canada Goose    
Mute Swan    
Northern Shoveler    
Green-winged Teal   
Double-crested Cormorant    
Great Egret    
Snowy Egret    
Turkey Vulture    
Northern Harrier
Ring-necked Pheasant (heard)   
Greater Yellowlegs
Ring-billed Gull    
Herring Gull    
Mourning Dove
Rock Pigeon   
Downy Woodpecker    
Blue Jay    
American Crow    
Common Raven    
Tree Swallow    
Brown Creeper    
Golden-crowned Kinglet    
Ruby-crowned Kinglet    
American Robin    
Northern Mockingbird    
European Starling    
Cedar Waxwing    
Palm Warbler    
Eastern Towhee    
Song Sparrow    
White-throated Sparrow    
White-crowned Sparrow    
Dark-eyed Junco    
Northern Cardinal    
Red-winged Blackbird    
Common Grackle    
House Sparrow    

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