Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Bird Report 050410: DeKorte

   Julie McCall writes:

   Decided to have an abbreviated birding outing in between rain cycles [Monday].  Went out to DeKorte Park and Disposal Road for about two hours, noon till 2 p.m.).  There was a lot of activity!  Full list at the end.  
   I mostly focused on the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve and the Kingsland Overlook.
  Highlights and full list follow. (Thanks, Julie!)

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Bird Banding Totals for April

   The bird-banding totals for April for the closed Erie Landfill in North Arlington are in:
   Total Banded – 186
   Number of Species – 24.
    The lower-than-expected totals are the result of the inordinate number of windy and/or rainy days.  (Above, a Northern Flicker being banded.)
    NJMC naturalist Mike Newhouse and his volunteers band birds in the spring and autumn as part of a research project to see how birds use landfills during migration.
The Meadowlands Commission is especially interested in creating new habitat for endangered and threatened species.
    Full list below.

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