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Clay-colored Sparrow at DeKorte Yesterday

Michael Lester reports:

   4600026788_731caf1ec6_m   "Around 2:25 p.m. [Tuesday] I had a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW at DeKorte.  The bird was  mostly associating with a small group (~4) of White-crowned Sparrows.  
    "My best (and most cooperative) viewing was just before the boardwalk to the Saw Mill Creek trail (after the junipers on the east side of the trail).   
    "However, it seemed to be in several places between the Transco and Saw Mill Creek trails. 
   When I first found the bird, it was briefly next to a "boardwalk to nowhere" that was in between two "islands" of trees. I later saw it briefly at the "beach" that was at the end of the short trail that was just south of the Transco trail.  
    "Last I saw, it had flown away from the White-crowneds back to the "boardwalk to nowhere" to forage by itself (around 5 p.m.)."  (Thanks, Michael, for the report and photo!)

   [Note: Bird has not been seen today to our knowledge.]

   More of Michael Lester's Clay-colored Sparrow pix here. Other highlights follow.

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DeKorte Dunlin, plus

IMG_8380 Dunlin Breeding 1 

   Kevin Bolton took this Dunlin photo at DeKorte yesterday, using his  Digiscope photography. 
   As Kevin writes on his blog, "I headed down to the Meadowlands for some great Spring Shorebird action, along with some bonus Barn and Bank Swallows. It was great to also see a breeding plumage Dunlin."
  Link to Kevin's blog, which has also has some great DeKorte swallow shots, is here.

DeKorte is Swallow Central


    DeKorte Park is Swallow Central today — more than 1,000 Tree Swallows, Barn Swallows, Cliff Swallows (above), Rough-Wingeds and likely Banks…
    The Administration Building overhangs (below) are lined with Cliff- and Barn Swallows… (That lumpy dark line is all swallows) IMG_8265

Ridgefield Mother’s Walk: List, Pix


     The NJMC and BCAS had a great Mother's Day walk in Ridgefield, with highlights that included an annoying elusive male   IMG_7019
Scarlet Tanager (hence the above) and 42 other species.
   At Ridgefield Nature Center, we had at least nine warbler species. At Skeetkill Creek Marsh, we had all five swallow species.  And at Railroad Avenue, we had two dozen Monk Parakeets (of course).
   We even had some nice TV coverage from Channel One.
   Full list and more photos follow — holler if you have any additions/corrections.

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