Update: Banded Bald Eagle W/ Transmitter

Thanks to the wonders of bird-banding, we have tracked down some information on that Bald Eagle w/transmitter that was seen over the Overpeck Preserve earlier this spring and deftly photographed by Alice Leurck.
Leurck Because of the red/black band on the eagle’s left leg, it has been determined that the bird was originally from Northern Manhattan and hacked six years ago, in 2004.

Peter E. Nye, Leader of the Endangered Species Unit of the Wildlife Diversity Group for the New York State DEC, says: “This is a NY band: we’ve put red/black on captive-reared and/or hacked birds over the years, but not too many.” (Thanks, Pete!)

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3 thoughts on “Update: Banded Bald Eagle W/ Transmitter

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  2. Fred

    Just wanted to say Thank you to the folks who went though such trouble to get nice detailed pictures of the Bald Eagle with radio pack and leg bands. And the neck band and leg band on the Canada Goose Pictures’ look great. Also thanks to all the other folks who take such nice wonderful pictures though out the year. It is a pleasure to see such wonderful various pictures. I Thank you all!

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